Fighting for Workplace Justice

Fighting for Workplace Justice


Do Not Hesitate To Hire This Man

Before I hired Brandon to be my attorney, I had consulted with three other attorneys who had all denied my case. All three attorneys did not have the confidence to take on such an intense case.

Luckily, I was referred to Brandon by one of my friends who I go to the gym with. He had nothing but amazing things to say about Brandon so I reached out to him that same day to set up a consultation.

In the consultation I explained in depth my legal situation. Throughout the entire consultation, Brandon was extremely attentive and answered all my questions thoroughly. He was transparent about what we were up against, but felt that we had a strong case. He left me feeling so confident and at peace that I decided to retain him the same day.

For context, my case was in San Joaquin County which is 2 hours away from where his office is. He worked over time traveling back and fourth to file documents, obtain police reports and answer my ENDLESS amount of questions.

The day of the trial I was extremely nervous and Brandon quickly reassured me that we were prepared and would walk out with a victory.

He was not lying! He walked into that courtroom and executed!! Not only did we win but the case was completely thrown out.

Do not hesitate to hire this man. He will get the job done!!!

Thanks again, Brandon, for all that you did for me and my family.

– Danielle

Great Services

Great services as always.

– Nadir H.

I Strongly And Highly Recommend

I strongly and highly recommend Brandon Banks Law to anyone looking for professional, efficient, and highly experienced legal assistance. Brandon assisted my family in legal document reviewing. Where we felt unsure and a little overwhelmed by big legal terms, Brandon was able to provide us the reassurance and confidence to sign documents knowing it would be in our best interest. He helped turn an uncertain situation into something so pleasant. Thank you, Brandon Banks Law, APC.

– Jen K