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Protect Your Employee Rights

When a colleague or employer violates your employee rights, it can leave you in a vulnerable position. Your company’s human resources department may try to convince you to let them handle it. Your boss may threaten to fire you if you pursue your complaint. They are looking out for their best interests, not yours. Attorney Brandon Banks will defend your rights and aggressively pursue your claim.

At the San Francisco office of Brandon Banks Law, APC, you’ll find a skilled lawyer you can trust to protect your rights. Throughout his career, attorney Banks worked to protect the interests of people at risk, starting with his time as a public defender. He is a skilled  negotiator who is not afraid to go to court if necessary.

Someone To Stand For You

Mr. Banks will fight for your workplace justice no matter how difficult you think your case may be. He proudly stands for the disenfranchised and underrepresented, protecting the most vulnerable employees against the intimidating legal tactics used by employers.

His goal as your legal representation is to make you whole again after your rights violation in cases like:

No matter how someone at your job has hurt you, with attorney Banks by your side, it will be a fair fight.

Begin Building Your Case Today

Time is one of the most precious resources in these claims. The more time you can give your attorney, the more they can do to build the most favorable case for you. Give Mr. Banks the time he needs by calling him at 415-606-7017, or fill out the intake form below to take the first step in seeking justice against discrimination today.