Fighting for Workplace Justice

Fighting for Workplace Justice


Not every attorney can provide you with the level of commitment and representation you deserve. Choosing the right law firm for your personal injury or employment law needs is the first step toward getting justice. Brandon Banks, founder of Brandon Banks Law, APC  knows your case is important to you, and he makes it his priority as well.

Attorney Banks’ client-centered approach means he will give you an honest assessment of your case and explain every step of the legal process. Prior to starting his own law firm, attorney Banks was a public defender; that experience means he is an accomplished litigator who is not intimidated by going to court. You can learn more about his experience here.

What Sets Brandon Banks Law, APC Apart

Part of what makes Mr. Banks such a successful attorney is his work ethic and dedication to his clients. Instead of offering everyone the same boilerplate representation, he takes the time to understand their unique needs to develop a custom-tailored strategy.

Attorney Banks focuses on the big picture while ensuring all the details are handled so your case proceeds as smoothly as possible. He has strong ties to the community and believes everyone deserves effective advocacy. Brandon Banks Law, APC is there for the disenfranchised, under-represented and most vulnerable members of society.

Learn More About The Help You Can Get

If you believe that someone is responsible for your personal injury or someone violated your employee rights, let a skilled attorney defend your rights and future through your case. Call to schedule your initial consultation at 415-606-7017 or fill out the intake form below to take the first step toward resolving your claim.