Introducing Brandon Banks Law, Your California Boutique Employment Law Firm

Introducing Brandon Banks Law, Your California Boutique Employment Law Firm

We’re proud to introduce Brandon Banks Law, APC, and the exciting initiatives we’re working on to further grow and connect the people of California with reliable, prudent, and dignified employment law representation. We are a boutique law firm in Northern California with a focus on giving the people the fair treatment and respect they deserve.

We are led by Attorney and Founder Brandon Banks who shares a vision and commitment for clients who are wrongfully terminated and deserve compensation for the impact these decisions have on their careers, families, reputations, and the world around them. Our team is working on several new initiatives, including this blog and our brand-new newsletter, to help inform and connect with the people of California about our firm and the services we provide to those in need.

Who is Attorney Brandon Banks?

Attorney Brandon Banks, a San Francisco native, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his practice. With a law degree and several years of practice, including work as a public defender, extensive litigation, and handling dozens of trials, Brandon now focuses on civil litigation. He is committed to fighting for those who are under-represented and for workers who due to no fault of their own have been wrongfully terminated. 

Brandon takes the time to understand the person behind the case, allowing him to provide custom-tailored services. His competitive drive positions him well to fight for his clients and secure the results they deserve. Brandon is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at UC Hastings School of Law where he teaches Legal Research and Writing.

Helping Those Who Deserve and Need It Most

Like Brandon, our firm is dedicated to helping the often under-represented obtain the representation and results they won’t find elsewhere. As a boutique law firm, we offer highly personalized services and one-on-one opportunities, ensuring that our clients stay informed about their cases and get the most out of their legal representation. Some may refer to our clients as “The Little Guy”—those without the inherent power and control that companies often wield. We believe everyone deserves the same level of respect and consideration.

At Brandon Banks Law, we prioritize our clients’ needs and strive to level the playing field. Our approach centers around understanding each client’s unique circumstances and perspectives and providing tailored legal strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. We recognize the significant impact that wrongful termination and other employment issues can have on individuals and their families, and we are here to fight for the justice they deserve.

Bringing a Competitive Drive to Bay Area Legal Representation

Ask yourself this: Would you ever want an attorney who isn’t competitive? You need an attorney who has the fight in them to take on large companies and corporations to deliver results and win your case. We are a competitive firm with a focus on pursuing justice for workers in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We also co-counsel with Diversity Law Group and Law Offices of Choi & Associates in Los Angeles on many cases. Our goal is to provide stellar representation for those wrongfully terminated throughout California. 

When you are wrongfully terminated from your job or career, it sometimes helps to have an employment lawyer by your side. We are driven to provide justice to those who are owed exactly that. Contact our firm to see if your employment law issue is something we can assist with. 

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